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It's time to vote Is over!
Now it's time to count the votes, and get the contest started!


:iconmortalshinobi: Votes: 4
Seladine the Kelpie

weapon of choice - the elemental water she can manipulate

goal- like most she wishes to take control of the oceans and have a monopoly over trade, commerce and anything else.

Seladine the Kelpie by mortalshinobi

personality - saladine is fairly charismatic at first and can seduce others with her words
living within the region of the pacific that merges into the waters of equestria, seladine dislikes the ships and flights that disturb her natural home and has chosen to wage war on the ponies trying to cross her ocean, be it by water or air. Using her elemental control of water to create waves or simply shoot torrents of water, she bust holes in the craft of the ponies and drowns all who she sinks.  Having a dark streak on ocassion rather than simply drowning a pony, she will tease them with escape before drawing them back into deeper waters at times even biting pieces off the ponies so they bleed to death. when all is said and done she takes those she most desires to be eaten at a later date.  She lures ponies into precarious places with her beautiful voice allowing her to set her traps and sink their craft to her delight.


:iconthe1king: Votes: 5
Name: Crater

Favored Weapon: Stone Warhammer (though he is fond of using his claws and tail).

Evil Goal: Do as he pleases, beat down any chumps who try to stop him, prove that he's the strongest dragon.

Crater by The1King

Personality: Crater is much like what you'd expect of most dragons. He's loud, rude, self-centered, violent and lacks good hygiene. He seeks to prove to all that he is THE dragon, the superior and best of them all despite having no wings. He may not be as large as most of his more adult kin (being a bit larger than the teenage dragons) though this is due more to him not seeking treasure like the rest. To him, what's more valuable than gold, jewels and other possessions is beating down any that decide to cross his path.

What he does: Crater sells himself as muscle for hire. If you need to rough up some pony that hasn't paid protection, he'll be more than happy to flip their home upside down and set fire to their shops. Though his fees aren't really in terms of bits or gems, oh no, he prefers employers that are willing to either throw free food and drink at him or at the very least give him a good fight. When he's not currently working for someone, he finds himself wandering from town to town making a nusense of himself. Eating all their food, drinking their cider, maybe send a pony or two flying with a punch. Nothing helps him sleep better than taking out a dragon many times his size or putting a few pompous Royal Guards in the hospital (after eating their armor).


:iconxenoneal: Votes: 3
Name: General Kri-Kri

Favored Weapon: (Assumed) The traps in and around the mountain kingdom.

Evil Goal: Uncertain (speculation in last paragraph).

General Kri-kri (contest entry) by xenoneal

Paragraph about their personality: In the mountains far to the south of Equestria, there is a destroyed obelisk in the middle of a ruin that might once have been a town square. The engravings on it tell the exploits of a large ram or goat (the translations are unclear) who ruled a kingdom underneath one of the nearby mountains. The pictures on the obelisk depict a prison warden more than a ruler. The last picture shows a crowd (his subjects, most likely) escaping en mass from the cavernous keep. Perhaps the story is simply a very old part of its people's history. Or perhaps a warning.

Paragraph about what they do:
The few who have dared to wander anywhere near the caves report being swarmed with traps of every kind imaginable: snares, nets, pitfalls, even giant spider webs. Nothing terribly dangerous, but enough to render a lone pony helpless. The contraptions been enough to turn around even the most avid treasure hunters and explorers, but not to deter new ones from coming to see if the stories are true. A king under the mountain, without any subjects. Enough to make someone crazy- not to mention lonely.

But of course, it's all just stories. If the General were real, he'd have to be over 400 years old.


:iconkyo4kusanagi: Votes: 3
Name: Nyx/ Naix/ Silber/Silver
Favored Weapon: small kukri called mortem lacrimis and also dragon magic.(control people)
Evil Goal: to bring back his kingdom dragonia to its former glory and also to be a king.

Nyx Silber by kyo4kusanagi

Paragraph about their personality: a colt with very charismatic and highly knowledgeable kirin. He is someone who is good manipulator and also very royal figure since he was from the royal family once. He's care about princess luna and also very much care more to princess celestia, but has his own agenda. His wicked personalities show when its come to defeat his adversary for he use what ever it takes to win, pulling string to destroy them.  

Paragraph about what they do: He is a prince who wanted to revive his kingdom back after his kingdom was defeated during the era of discord after being accuse as treason equestria. His goal was to make the moon rule over equestria as its grants his power to its original form (kirin form). Thus hidden from a plain and disguise himself as normal equestrian people and become a adviser of princess luna.


:icongeneraldurandal: Votes: 6
Name: Narasky

Favored Weapon: Driudic and Necromantic Magic

Evil Goal: To spread the boundaries of the Everfree Forest across the land,
To remove all unnatural magic from the world,
the removal of all ponies in Equestria,
and to bring back the old gods of the forest.

Aton vs Narasky by GeneralDurandal (the skeletal dear in the trees)
This is his "wraith form", his normal form is a black dear with a skull tattoo on his face.
Wearing a tattered grey goat fur robe.

Paragraph about their personality: Calm, collected, and cold as the grave.
I'm not good at describing personalities, so i'll write a scene.

*a unicorn mare weeps over her fallen love, surrounded by the burning buildings of their home,*
*who's throat was torn by a might wolf, who's body lays next to it's fallen kin*
Narasky: You killed the wolf king's hair? Pity.
mare: Who? *she turns to face him and his partner* What? You, can speak?
Narasky: Surprised? Doesn't matter. This is the end.
mare: I won't go down without a fight! *she readies her blade and shield for battle*
Narasky: I'm sorry, but it won't be much of a fight.
*his horns and hooves glow green, he stomps his right hoof down,*
*and a scatter of green beams shoot out of the ground under the mare,*
*but they leave no noticeable injury. he looks into her eyes, then walks away*
mare: wha~ uuuh *she coughs, and again, blood froths from her mouth* get back here!
*the white doe accompanying him looks to her* Just lay down, the pain will go away.
*she turns and follows the black dear down the street*
*the mare falls to the ground, crawls to her love, and dies embracing him*

No mercy for the enemies of nature.
No remorse for the atrocities he's committed.

Paragraph about what they do:
When not in Equestria, he lives on a moving island in the eastern sea.
At the island's center is a mighty tree called Thorn.
Thorn makes the mass of earth float upon the water, and moves it along it's surface.
He can also make the island invisable, to keep away unwanted guests.
This island is home to the other Followers of Malgorym,
and even a couple of forest gods that have been released already.

When in Equestria he stays within the Everfree, planting trees along it's boarders,
making them grow faster, killing any ponies he gets a chance to kill.

He can use any tree within the Everfree like a door connected to any other tree in the Everfree.
He can channel his magic through his hooves, into and out-of the ground or plants.
He can cast magic from his 20 point antlers, but likes to surprise his prey.
Animals see him as a friend, and he offers them sanctuary within the forest.
Can turn organic things he touches into ash, which t he uses to help the forest grow.
Can shoot a mighty beam of energy from the eye of his antlers,
that turns living things into ash, and dead things into undead. (zombies)


Looks like Narasky is the winner!

If you'd like to donate points to be used for the contest's prizes,
please go to my page :icongeneraldurandal: and donate with the donation widget.
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