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Important notes

Knights of Harmony Recruitment page

I noticed some invites didn't get sent out yet, (sorry!)
If you have a registered OC in the knights,
but haven't received a invite into the group please let me know.
Characters that conflict with the canon of the show may, or may not be accepted,
depending on how it effects the canon directly.
Re-colors also may, or may not be accepted, depending on the extent of the re-color.
All the Alicorns in the show so far, are portrayed as royalty/leaders, so Alicorn OCs aren't allowed in the ranks.
You can still join though, just with a non-Alicorn OC.
Some non-ponies are also acceptable.
Like, griffins, wolves, dear, bears, ect
Info needed,
Picture of OC? (without a helmet please)
OC Name?
Age when joined? (minimum 16)
OC Harmony?
Solar or Lunar?
Melee Weapon of choice?
Ranged Weapon of choice?
What branch would you like them in?
A paragraph about their personality, and skills.
Knights of Harmony Contest LogsThis will be used to log all the contests in the Knights of Harmony.
KoH, 8th Art Contest, Log
This time around it'll be an antagonist for the Knights to fight who will be drawn.
KoH, 7th Art Contest, log
The one that was drawn was,
Name:  Gentle Spirit
Rank:  Chaplain
Branch:  Solar Ministorum of Kindness
Favored Weapon:  None
First seen in Fic:
Gentle Spirit first appeared in Canterlot Cases 4 as one of the caretakers of the Canterlot Cathedral.  A Knight of the Order of Kindness before the modern version of The Knights of Harmony came into being so to speak.  E
Advertisement would be appreciated.

The contest ends, January 31st at 9pm pacific time.


1st: 800 Points
2nd: 400 Points
3rd: 200 Points
4th: 100 Points
5th: 50 Points


nothing dirty, nasty, or gross.
Anyone can enter the contest.
The owner of the OC to be drawn can't enter the contest.


To enter,
leave a comment saying you want to enter,
with a link to a journal advertising the contest.


The one to be drawn is...


Azure Night 4
Spare Parts 4
Ophelia 3
Dutch 4

Wow, a three way tie,
went to a random name picker,…
I clicked it till one name came up 5 times.


The one to be drawn is...


Owner: :iconthe1king:

Name: Azure Night

Rank: Kyoshi

Branch: Lunar Knights of Loyalty-Tsukuyomi

Favored Melee Weapon: Dual xiphos (short swords)

Favored Ranged Weapon: None

Ref Pic: Azure Night Reference Page by The1King

Armor/Outfit Pic: Azure Night by Omega-Wing

Azure Night is brave, loyal yet highly reckless.
Never backing down from a challenge,
Azure will barrel through any obstacle even if it breaks him.
He may not be the brightest of ponies, but he is a combat genius,
fighting more through instinct than actual planning.
High risk, high reward as it were.
Some might argue that his brashness is a sign of him running away from some dark past,
but to Azure it's more about running towards a brighter future.
He will do his duty to the best of his capabilities,
prove himself to be a warrior to be respected and to gain back the honor his herd lost 1,000 years ago.



What to do,
Draw him in a scene fitting for him.


training in a dojo,
guarding Princess Luna,
running head-first into a fight,



[Contest] - Azure Night Strikes by SyforceWindlight
Charging in-AzureKnight by ThatLovelyArtNerd
KoH Art Contest Entry by 3SilverGrace7
I shall Protect by kittycat2977
{CE} brave by Chargerwuvsstarbucks
Haven't liked their journal yet

In case any of the past contestants want to enter, but aren't watching the Knights.


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Comics and Tumblr
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Group Info

The Knights of Harmony,
are a special task force founded by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna,
to help locate the elements of Harmony so they can defeat Discord 2000 years ago.
Today they safeguard the Elements,
protect the 6 chosen by them, the Princesses and all of Equestria.
Founded 5 Years ago
Jan 6, 2012


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Any advertisement for the 9th Art Contest would be appreciated.
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The 9th Contest is on now!
Sign up your OC to be drawn for the contest!
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Krellak Featured By Owner Edited Sep 19, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I actually have 2 ocs that I would like to join will make a sheet when i make the characters. 
GeneralDurandal Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2016
Please sign them up at the Recruitment page.
Just fill-out the needed info for the characters.
Does anyone not see the journals that are added to the gallery,
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Fyre-Medi Featured By Owner May 8, 2016
How would we know?  ;)
GeneralDurandal Featured By Owner May 9, 2016
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Woah. Flash Sentry now has artwork in this group! The1King, were you the one responsible for this? :P
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Maybe. Tried to get some others but they didn't get in me thinks
EQ7-2521 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
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Poor Flash... 
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kyo4kusanagi Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
excuse me, why can't I enter my art other than the contest art? Everytime I trying to contribute art to this group it is end up no decision or what so ever. 
The1King Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Besides that Judy Kira one I am unaware of others you've submitted. That one I now realize was not what I thought it was so that was my bad because for some reason I wasn't realizing that it was an anthro'd member of the Knight of Harmony (so I apologize for that one on my part but I can't say for sure about the others who vote on it). 

I know that that one and the others most likely have been relatively split among those who have to vote whether to accept or decline and the time tends to run out before it gets a final decision. But yeah, what other ones have you submitted that don't end up in?
kyo4kusanagi Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Ahhhh is okay guys i wont mind at all i just asking. 
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There is no harm in asking
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GeneralDurandal Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2016
If you're talking about…
Then it's likely because of Judy Hopps being in the picture, and no-one is recognizing Kira with her new red hair.

She has black/dark brown hair in her KoH portrait.
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